Mode2 & Protego Labs

Protego Labs delivers full lifecycle security to serverless applications from deployment to runtime. The Protego SaaS solution is the first comprehensive application security platform built with the unique constraints and opportunities of Serverless in mind. Protego's serverless security platform lets you protect and properly manage your growing serverless environment.

Serverless Security Partnership

Mode2 and Protego offer software and services to enhance operational security for U.S. cloud customers running code as serverless functions on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and soon for Google Cloud Platform.

Mode2 and Protego have partnered to help companies achieve greater operational security deploying workloads on public clouds with serverless solutions. Using Protego Labs platform and security research team specialized in serverless, Mode2 helps customers to protect function code and ensure compliance for companies seeking the Lean benefits from using native cloud services.

Protego Overview

The Shield Charm (Protego) is a term applied to several varieties of charms. They create a magical barrier to deflect physical entities and spells. Source: The Harry Potter Wiki

Protego helps developers to secure their Serverless application from development to production, and bridges the gap between development teams and IT security to keep the environment safe. Actively prevent Serverless application attacks using data-driven elastic defense.

The Protego serverless security platform provides Proact, Observe and Defend modules and a comprehensive set of security operations tools. Click the button below to learn more about the Protego Serverless security platform.

Product Details

Mode2 delivers consulting and engineering services to enable customer adoption of serverless security. Our services include pre-sales proof of concepts, product Training, integration and customization, Managed Protego services and more.

Protego Services

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Mode2 is an authorized reseller of Protego Labs Serverless Security Platform. Contact us to schedule a product demonstration, a proof of concept or receive a quote to protect your serverless functions.

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