Google Cloud

Google Cloud delivers incredible capabilities for organizations seeking lean digital transformation. Google Cloud services enable Mode2 to develop solutions that transform customer experiences with mobile applications, chatbots and AI's; to digitize business services with serverless backends, and create new insights into data.

Transformation Partnership

Mode2, your Google Cloud Consulting Partner

Google Cloud delivers incredible new capabilities for companies seeking cloud-native and cutting edge software. Mode2 helps companies to design and develop solutions that transform customer expeirences with mobile applications, virtual assistants, bit data pipelines, natural language, computer vision and machine learning.

Our GCP delivery capabilities include:
Application Development
Big data analytics
Machine learning
Infrastructure & Kubernetes
Site Reliability Engineering

Google Cloud Solutions

Firebase mobile apps

Building serverless solutions for lean application development and operations

  • Functions & serverless applications
  • Firestore NoSQL database
  • Firebase authentication
  • Mobile application services

Dialogflow Assistants

Interactive chatbots and virtual assistants to streamline customer interactions 24x7.

  • Text-based conversational interfaces
  • Interactive phone & voice responses
  • Enable access to knowledge bases
  • Identify & react to user sentiment

Kubernetes & Microservices

Containerize and deploy applications with automated CI/CD code pipelines.

  • Application modernization
  • GKE on-prem for compliance
  • Istio service mesh
  • GPU and HPC workload optimization

Data cleaning & processing

Use Google's cutting edge software to clean, join and distribute quality data.

  • Dataprep data cleaning and staging
  • Dataflow batch & stream processing
  • Reusable Dataflow job templates
  • Visualize data in Datalab notebooks

Data Lakes & Warehouses

Establish massively scalable storage and data analytics

  • Pub/Sub ingestion to Cloud Storage
  • Migrate the EDW to BigQuery
  • Spark, SQL and streaming analytics
  • Vizualizations with Data Studio

ML & Predictive Analytics

Analyze historic core business data to create predictions about the future.

  • Sales lead scoring
  • Customer churn
  • Fraud & loss detection
  • Operationalize ML APIs

Google Partners Program

See Mode2’s partner page on the Google Cloud partner program website.

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