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Build new Cloud Native workloads

If you are building a new application or introducing a new business capability, it's likely you're architecting them as collections of microservices and hoping to using Serverless & cloud services to build them out. We're experts in the 'AWS Way' - using AWS Lambda & API Gateway, Node.js, Go, Java and Python, and we've been coaching clients how to build for the cloud for the last 10 years.

We show you the most up-to-date techniques and all the things we've learned along the way. We help you scope the program, agree on the problems being solved, discover the must-have requirements, integrate new cloud capabilities, and get to clarity on how we will solve the problem.

We are experts at prototyping solutions to these challenges in weeks not months, rapidly iterating and discovering value with your teams. Our remote development teams are highly experienced, and have the tools and libraries to quickly assemble new workloads and transition to our Application Maintenance or your teams.

Modernize Legacy Applications

The goal of transforming legacy applications is simple - to reduce your monthly AWS bill, and simplify software architectures for future growth. There are many technical advantages to using Serverless, SaaS and cloud native solutions, but the justification for change is financial.

By updating software architectures, our clients optimize their software for cloud billing, and AWS clients are attesting up to 90% savings (Hearst) when adopting this approach. We help you construct the business case, and show you how to self-fund the costs of changing the software, using your monthly operational savings.

Mode2 has a structured approach to porting and modernizing your legacy applications. We have analysis tools to profile your software, and make recommendations on rearchitecting the code, and opportunities for reimagining the application with updated user experiences and new cloud capabilities incorporated.

Mode2 provides a factory-type approach to modernizing applications, where clients take advantage of the cost savings ASAP using our low-cost U.S-based remote delivery centers, code libraries and certified engineers.

Big Data

Mode2 has deep expertise building data environments on the cloud for a full range of solutions to collect, process, clean, store and distribute quality data syncronized across distributed systems. This enables us to deliver capabilities like real time analytics, customer 360 views, sentiment analysis, click-stream analysis, customer micro-segmentation and fraud detection in your applications.

Mode2 operations teams can also provide Application Maintenance for your data, we operate and support data lakes, pipelines, ETL jobs, batch processing, integration platforms, data warehouses and more.

Machine Learning

Do you want to add facial recognition to your application, integrate predictive analytics, provide product recommendations for customers or analyze your customer churn? Mode2 loves big and complex problems, and we're helping clients to integrate A.I capabilities in smart business applications.

Our approach starts by collecting and organizing the data for the analysis and build consensus on project goals. We use our deep knowledge to help you identify the most appropriate algorithms and quickly iterate on models and training data. With Mode2's development skills, we're also able to work with your teams to integrate the machine learning outcomes into business applications.

IoT and Edge Computing

Not all work happens in the cloud datacenter, and not all applications can run centrally. At Mode2 we build applications that harness tools like AWS's Lambda @Edge and Greengrass for edge compute processing. Our developers are experienced at building event-driven systems that use real-world data and interactions to initiate system events. Our big data specialists can show you how to store, process and integrate data from connected devices, and our A.I team can leverage the data to provide actionable insights and predictive analytics.

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