Cloud Migration

Whether you are migrating workloads from datacenters, colocation facilities, VMware clusters, or between cloud platforms, Mode2's migration services ensures you are successful at every stage of the cloud adoption journey. We help you replatform, refactor, and rearchitect your software to take full advantage of the cloud.

Simplify your cloud migration

Cloud migrations are generally more complicated than simple lift-and-shift projects. Typically changes are needed to improve reliability and maintainability, and to automate the deployment to make it more easily maintained. Mode2 provides a high-value combination of a factory approach, experts to guide the process, and a global delivery team, to deliver accurate deployments of applications on the cloud.

Migrate, automate, and optimize

The benefits of moving your applications to the cloud include:

  • ✓  IT costs aligned with demand and value creation
  • ✓  Improved user experience and service quality
  • ✓  Improved security posture
  • ✓  Improved productivity to get more work done
  • ✓  Increased business agility to get work done faster
  • ✓  A platform for future experimentation and innovation

Mode2's Migration Path

Our process for migrating workloads to the cloud can be broken down into a series of steps, each with a set of tasks and challenges. In this section, we highlight the migration steps and show you why Mode2 is a clear choice for your migration partner.

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What and how do we migrate, and in what order?

+ Strategy, assessment and planning

Leadership guidance and a plan detailing how to migrate workloads to the cloud. Deep insights into approaches to be used when migrating specific applications in a software portfolio. This activity creates strategies and plans to proceed at speed with confidence.

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How do we justify the migration to the executives in my organization?

+ Business case development

Together we create the economic and business justifications for leaders to agree on the value of migrating to the cloud. We deliver a forecast of cloud spend, a view of the strongest benefits, and a TCO comparison against current hosting options.

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+ Migration proof of concept

Use POC projects to prove key concepts, reduce the risks in program decisions, and build confidence in key new technologies. The opportunity is to prove-out the new technologies involved in the migration process, and build confidence in a high-quality solution.

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How should we architect our workloads and the core cloud?

+ Cloud Center of Excellence

This project assembles a cross-functional group of experts to support different teams and projects across the organization. The CoE provides central environments, tools, and architecture blueprints to accelerate the broad adoption of cloud computing.

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+ Core Infrastructure Services

This service implements the foundational accounts, DNS, VPC networking, IAM roles, monitoring, logging and consolidated billing. Mode2's approach rapidly provisions a common set of infrastructure services to support the workloads being migrated.

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How can we be cost effective when migrating at scale?

+ Cloud Migration Factory

Mode2’s cloud migration factory ingests applications, VMs, databases, and storage to be migrated. We then perform the conversion activities to rehost and replatform workload components on cloud services. We establish queues of similar tasks to benefit from repeatability, and remediate software issues to improve reliability before relaunching.

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How should we update our culture, skills, processes, and structure?

+ Training and skills development

Shifting focus to going all-in on the cloud creates significant changes from new technologies and shifting responsibilities. Mode2 provides comprehensive role-based training for organizations who wish to retain and invest in talent while embracing cloud computing.

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+ Organization design and change management

We advise on how to manage changes to roles, structures, and culture to optimize the experience of adopting cloud computing. Mode2 eases the transition to the cloud by helping to update organization accountability charts, IT roles & responsibilities, and recommend role options for team members.

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How do we manage workloads during the transition period?

+ DevOps Transformation

DevOps is the evolution of development, QA, and release processes into new roles that increase developer velocity and business agility. Mode2’s DevOps transformation implements a shared build and deployment pipeline that includes automated software testing, and advanced capabilities like blue/green and canary deploys.

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+ Cloud operations readiness

We help organizations to prepare for the realities of running the newly-migrated workloads out on the cloud. Our service help operations teams to create processes and documentation to perform planned maintenance, and unplanned work on the systems.

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How do we update and maintain workloads now they are live?

+ Software Modernization

Following a cloud migration, it is recommended to update and modernize the workloads to align with cloud-native architectures. Additionally, this approach provides the opportunity to unlock additional savings by rearchitecting software to use serverless.

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+ Site Reliability Engineering

SRE applies the principles of software engineering to remove manual toil, automate systems recovery, and improve reliability. Mode2's solution helps organizations to embrace the changes to culture, roles and responsibilities, and processes to be sucessful.

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Discovery and assessment

Cloud migration planning and business case

Prove key concepts and learn through pilot projects

Establish core solutions to support workload migrations

Migrate workloads to the cloud based priorities

Automate maintenance with DevOps tools and processes

Prepare for operations and production support

Continuously optimize and modernize the workloads

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