Data and Analytics

Big data is the new competitive advantage. With the amount of global data expected to grow to 163-ZB (zettabytes) by 2025, gaining meaningful insight from data has become a strategic imperative. Using big data to your advantage enables every sector and function as a base for competition and growth.

New insights into data

Mode2 jumpstarts innovative clients to transform traditional data and analytics frameworks through Digital Optimization to grow business and boost profitability in the face of disruption. Mode2 leverages a holistic methodology and your bespoke use case to empower predictive analytics. Use IoT, AI, and ML to realize and gain actionable insights and deliver real-time innovation, data and delivery.

Vision and Benefits

Predict and learn:
  • Increase productivity with past data not presumptions
  • Improve customer service by understanding your customer behavior faster, with fewer resources
  • Precisely tailor products or services, and optimize marketing
  • Risk management and fraud detection
  • After sales service offerings eg. proactive maintenance and failure avoidance

Data Lakes

Securely capture all data associated with every aspect of your operations for future exploration and possible use:

  • Ingest and capture data at scale using low cost storage
  • Stage relational & unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Store raw and processed views of data
  • Feed real-time analytics data warehouses
  • Event-driven actions, triggered by data changes

Data Pipelines

Mode2 is enabling organizations to transform their business operations by using serverless to focus on insights, not the infrastructure, and to improve ML accuracy through a quality data pipeline.

Implement cloud data pipelines that enable analytics and machine learning services by collecting, storing, transforming, processing, and preparing high quality data sets at scale.

Data Preparation

Data warehouse migration. Migrate on-premises database systems:

  • Migrate data
  • Migrate schema
  • Migrate application logic
  • Real-time ingestion of streaming data and for IOT data
  • Automate enterprise workflows and scheduling
  • Automatic ETL
  • BI and real-time analytics solutions
  • Ingesting and enriching data for analytics
  • Data management solutions

Analytics & Visualization

By using serverless to focus on analytics not infrastructure and drive ML solutions from the data pipeline, Mode2 is enabling organizations to transform their business operations.

Collect, store, transform, process, and prepare data for ML, and leverage that data directly to operationalize machine learning as part of an end-to-end data lifecycle.

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