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Are you interested to learn about what serverless, virtual assistants, data pipeline and ML can add for your business?

Whether you're building a new born in the cloud workload, modernizing existing software, or adding layers of security protection, Mode2 has services that will accelerate and assure your project success. Please scroll down to read our service brochures.

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The following brochures reflect the repeatable projects to get started with serverless apps, big data and ML.

Born in the Cloud workloads

Mode2 delivers an onsite innovation showcase to ignite your developer creativity

  • Learn about big data and AI
  • Explore natural language interfaces
  • Serverless event-driven architectures
  • Brainstorm a design for your project

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Modernizing legacy applications

Review how to rearchitect applications as part of the cloud migration process

  • Learn about modernizing software
  • The ROI and benefits of reinventing
  • Review an end-to-end example
  • Whiteboard on your situation

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Cloud-first Mobile applications

Learn how to implement mobile applications with serverless backends

  • Learn about cloud mobile solutions
  • Explore Serverless backend services
  • Review an end-to-end example
  • Brainstorm a design for your projects

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Serverless Function Security

Learn how to protect code running in serverless functions

  • Learn about serverless threats and attacks
  • Explore the Protego Serverless security platform
  • Review an end-to-end example
  • Whiteboarding and Q&A

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Cloud native Business Case Development

Get a strong business justification for migrating applications to cloud native

  • Analyze your existing applications
  • Create mappings to cloud native solutions
  • Create before and after TCO models
  • Estimate the development effort to convert

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Serverless Jumpstart

Kick-start new serverless projects with productive environments for developers

  • Create/review architectures and implementation designs
  • Get customized development environments
  • CI/CD pipelines and blue/green releases
  • Engineer multi-region deployments
  • Instrumenting code for SRE tasks

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Rapid Discovery & Prototyping

Design and develop new cloud native workloads in less than 6 weeks

  • Requirements and user stories
  • Visual design, branding and UX
  • User experience storyboarding
  • Rapid software development
  • Stakeholder demo's and feedback

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Redevelop an Application with serverless

Modernize an existing application with Serverless and application services

  • Align to project goals
  • Establish new requirements
  • Rapid application development
  • Operations runbooks and hand-over
  • Compare the business value

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Serverless Well Architected review

Get an assessment and recommendations report for the serverless workload health

  • Assess Serverless deployments
  • Review against best practices
  • Deliver recommendations report
  • Review proposals for remediation

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Serverless Operations Readiness

A consulting engagement to prepare devops and support teams for running serverless workloads in production

  • Prepare code for production
  • Resilient deployment engineering
  • Logging, monitoring and alerting
  • Update Runbooks and Playbooks

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