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Digital Transformation

Mode2's transformation services accelerate the good kind of business change, in a human-centric way. Our programs focus on enabling our clients to:

  1. Evolve the business model
  2. Understand customers better
  3. Grow top-line revenues
  4. Reimagine customer interactions
  5. Digitize and automate processes
  6. Improve operational efficiencies

We have a unique mix of business and technical services to help companies create a better business strategy, enabled by digital transformation.

Migrating to the Cloud

Whether you're migrating workloads from datacenters, colocation facilities, VMware clusters, or between cloud platforms, Mode2's migration services can ensure you are successful at the early stages of the cloud adoption journey.

  • Migration strategy and planning
  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Central cloud platform and tools
  • Migrate and remediate workloads
  • Operationalize new cloud assets

Mode2 founders hosted the first cloud migration webinar with AWS in 2009, and have completed over 2,000 migrations since.

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DevOps Transformation

DevOps transformations modernize the software testing and release processes, and enable continuous deployments for specialized bare metal, instance-based, containerized, or serverless solutions. Mode2's DevOps services include:

  • Automated build, testing and deployment pipelines
  • Canaries and split release engineering
  • Managing infrastructure as code
  • 2-pizza teams and service ownership
  • DevSecOps and security engineering

As alumni of RightScale and AWS, Mode2's team have 12+ years of DevOps engineering project experience to share.

Serverless Development

Cloud adoption today is mostly mainstream, yet software remains architected for the datacenter.

Cloud native architectures are the most functional, cost effective and reliable ways to build and modernize software.

Serverless is an entirely new way to build applications, and enables a lean transformation of each teams responsibilities, freeing time and budgets to focus on adding more value.

You moved your infrastructure to the cloud, so shouldn’t your software architecture also evolve?

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Site Reliability Engineering

SRE is the evolution of DevOps that evolves teams into operational developer roles, and fixing code in production.

As a digital leader, you will want to adopt SRE as a way to:

  • Continuously improve reliability and customer experience
  • Embrace risk and enable maxmimum change velocity
  • Reduce organization silos with shared responsibilities
  • Lean operations by continuously eliminating manual toil
  • Automate operations playbooks and runbooks

Mode2 can help you navigate the cultural, role, mindset, process and tooling changes to successfully embrace SRE.

Data Engineering

Mode2's data engineering services help you manage and make sense of the oceans of data generated every day. We help you:

  • Ingest and process in data lakes
  • Create a single enriched view of data
  • Prepare and clean high quality data sets
  • Build pipelines to transform and deliver data
  • Derive business insights from large query data sets
  • Visualize KPIs, reports and dashboards

We deliver big data engineering solutions for AWS and Google Cloud, and enable successful AI and ML initiatives with high quality data.

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Artificial Intelligence

We believe that the next challenge on the cloud adoption journey will be in deploying AI broadly across the entire organization. At Mode2 we apply machine learning to solve business problems, including sales forecasting, customer segmentation, churn analysis, marketing spend optimization, supply and demand planning, and more.

Mode2 is an expert at developing automated voice and text-based conversational interfaces, including voice apps and chatbots, powered by AI-powered cloud services.

Spend Optimization

Mode2 spend management services use our unique tools and best practices to recommend aggressive cloud cost savings. Our approach involves:

  • Analyze current spend and cloud strategy
  • Create recommendations for cost savings
  • Rearchitect workloads for lean operations
  • Remove commercial software licensing costs
  • Negotiate committed spend and partner discounts
  • Engineer changes and realize cost savings

Spend optimization services are available as a gainshare project, as a monthly T&M project, and as a monthly managed optimization service.

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