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Mode2 has a range of service offerings and different ways of working together that should fit your needs. Please scroll down to read more.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Mode2's digital strategies accelerate the good kind of business change, in a human-centric way. Our programs focus on enabling our clients to:

  1. Evolve their business model
  2. Understand customers better
  3. Grow top-line revenues
  4. Reimagine customer interactions
  5. Digitize and automate processes
  6. Improve operational efficiencies

We have a unique mix of business and technical services to help companies create a better business strategy, enabled by digital transformation.

DevOps Transformation

DevOps transformations modernize the software testing and release process. We enable continuous deployments for private cloud, instances, containers, or serverless solutions. Mode2's DevOps services include:

  • 2-pizza teams and service ownership
  • Managing infrastructure as code
  • Automated build, testing and deployment pipelines
  • Canaries and split release engineering
  • DevSecOps and security engineering

As alumni of RightScale and AWS, Mode2's team have 12+ years of cloud DevOps engineering project experience to share.

Modern Application Development

Cloud adoption is mainstream today, yet most software remains architected for the data center.

Cloud-native architectures like microservices and serverless are the easiest to develop, most cost-effective and reliable ways to build and modernize software.

Using serverless functions or microservices in containers to build native applications, each team can now focus on adding more value through focussing on functionality not infrastructure.

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Legacy Modernization

The journey to the cloud starts with migration, but companies typically discover problems in alignment between software and infrastructure. Mode2 provides an approach for updating software over a series of projects.

  • Refactor apps to use managed services
  • Port workloads to cloud native
  • Model apps as web services
  • Decompose monolithic code to microservices
  • Containerize and automate infrastructure

You moved your infrastructure to the cloud, so shouldn’t your software architecture also evolve?

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Site Reliability Engineering

SRE is the evolution of DevOps that transitions teams into operational developer roles, and fixing code in production.

As a digital leader, you will want to adopt SRE as a way to:

  • Continuously improve reliability and customer experience
  • Embrace risk and enable maximum change velocity
  • Reduce organization silos with shared responsibilities
  • Lean operations by continuously eliminating manual toil
  • Automate operations playbooks and runbooks

Mode2 can help you navigate the cultural, role, mindset, process and tooling changes to successfully embrace SRE.

Well Architected

Mode2 is an AWS Well Architected certified partner, and provides assessment services to help companies identify and remediate issues across the Five Pillars of Well Architected.

  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Security
  • Operational excellence
  • Cost Optimization

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Spend Optimization

Mode2 spend management services use our unique tools and best practices to recommend aggressive cloud cost savings. Our approach involves:

  • Analyze current spend and cloud strategy
  • Create recommendations for cost savings
  • Rearchitect workloads for lean operations
  • Remove commercial software licensing costs
  • Negotiate committed spend and partner discounts
  • Engineer changes and realize cost savings

Spend optimization services are available as a gainshare project, as a monthly T&M project, and as a monthly managed optimization service.

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