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We have a range of service offerings and different ways of working together that should fit with your needs.

Cloud Experts

Strategy and Advisory

Mode2 software consultants work with client teams to develop strategies for cloud native software, aligned with specific business goals. We perform an opportunity assessment, review application and infrastructure portfolios, and provide recommendations addressing the unique situation.

We build the business case for project opportunities, create designs to estimate the solution, and create the justification to get the project approved. Throughout the engagement, we provide coaching and support to the leadership team and the engineers running the project.

Accelerate your in-house teams

We provide coaching and mentoring for in-house teams building and deployment cloud native applications, including support for the following activities:

  • Custom training classes to address skills gaps
  • Hands-on training to get teams ready
  • Resident experts for developer coaching
  • Detailed architectures, blueprints and designs
  • Serverless build & test pipelines
  • Providing code templates & samples
  • Sharing tools, methods & accelerators
  • Creating custom developer playbooks

Rapid development

Mode2 engineers work alongside your developers to build the solution together as an integrated team. Using pair programming approaches, we incorporate client business knowledge & our cloud development expertise to deliver a project that goes above and beyond expectations.

Either colocated or remotely collaborating, the process transfers knowledge to your team, who take more ownership through full involvement during the systems build. The team learns the cloud native development mindset, best practices and confidence in delivery.

Let us build it for you

Do you prefer to outsource developer work? Mode2 builds cloud native workloads to your specifications at low cost, using developers in our U.S. and offshore software delivery centers. We leverage private code libraries and accelerators to ensure your project is delivered as efficiently as possible.

Reputation is everything. We employ only U.S. certified developers and architects as part of our commitment to project delivery quality and our customer partnership. We background check and screen all our employees. We invest heavily in training and development to ensure we provide expert resources every time.

Application Maintenance

Mode2 application maintenance services help clients to continuously update and evolve cloud native workloads. With monthly budgets for developer resources, client teams are free to start their next project, knowing that we're keeping everything up-to-date and secure.

We provide ongoing developer support for cloud native applications – our developers work to fix bugs, optimize performance, build user stories from the backlog, and integrate new cloud features as they are released.

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