Services for Protego

Protego provides security software that safeguards your serverless applications at all times, from known and unknown threats. Mode2 is a select licensed reseller for Protego in the United States that is specialized in serverless development. We provide pre-sales demonstrations, proof-of-concepts, licensing, onboarding, integration services, product training, and managed services for Protego.

Mode2 Services for Protego

Mode2 provides consulting services to support companies wanting to use cloud functions securely. Our service offerings focus on pre-sales engineering, proof of concept support, product training, client onboarding, secure development coaching, and operations readiness assistance.

Product Training

Mode2 customizes a two-day training class to help companies adopt Protego and can be delivered onsite or virtually.

In the training, attendees learn about

  • Serverless threats & attacks
  • Code visibility & observability
  • Code SupplyChain security
  • Adaptive code-driven defenses
  • Least privilege policies
  • Integrating events & alarms

Protego Integration

Mode2 provides integration engineering services to assist new customers in getting the most out of Protego's features.

Examples of custom integration include extending out of the box coverage, logging and responding to custom events and alarms, and integrating events into non-standard SIEM's.

Serverless Security Consulting

In addition to licensing, onboarding, and training, Mode2 provides other serverless security consulting services to deliver an end-to-end customer experience.

  • Serverless Architecture assessments
  • Serverless development best practices
  • Protego operations readiness
  • Documenting regulatory compliance for serverless

Managed Protego

Prefer your solution to be managed by specialists? Let Mode2 take on the task of monitoring and responding to Serverless security events.

  • Single monthly invoice for software and management
  • Advanced tooling monitors security event logs
  • Experts investigate unusual activity
  • Escalations and further assistance

Buy Protego

Mode2 is an authorized reseller of Protego. Contact us to schedule a product demonstration and receive a quote to protect your serverless functions.

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