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Mode2 and Cloudability have partnered to help companies achieve greater cost savings deploying applications on public clouds with serverless solutions. Using Cloudability’s cost and usage recommendations, Mode2 helps customers to transforming their software and remove the structural barriers that prevent them from achieving the real benefits from using native cloud services.

Mode2 and Cloudability Partnership

Mode2 is a Cloudability Partner in the United States, we are HQ'd in Los Angeles, CA.

Using Cloudability’s cost and usage recommendations, Mode2 helps customers transform their software and removes the structural barriers that prevent them from maximizing the advantages of using public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloudability Reseller

Mode2 is an authorized reseller partner of Cloudability cost management solutions. Our deep experience of migrating and implementing workloads is important for companies seeking an advisor to help optimize costs. Initiatives to reduce costs are constrained by current designs. Mode2 provides the approach and engineering talent to migrate applications to new cloud software architectures and optimize costs successfully.

The Business Case for Cloud Migration

Mode2 helps companies who wish to save money moving to cloud solutions, and provides an analysis the complexity of the migration effort. We generate the business case for migrating client applications to the cloud, and deliver a workshop to present the findings and give clients time to dive deep and get comfortable with the details. Mode2 cloud migration business case services are delivered using the Cloudability True Cost™ platform.

The Business Case for Serverless Redevelopment

Mode2’s study creates a detailed business case for migrating applications serverless solutions. We analyze the requirements and validate future state architectures. We develop a detailed solution complete with projected TCO for operations, and forecast a a confidence factor in the business case rationale the for the workloads under consideration. The serverless redevelopment business case services is calculated using the Cloudability True Cost™ platform.


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Coming soon! A joint white paper on the benefits of modernizing applications to a Serverless architecture.

Please contact us to discuss how Mode2 and Cloudability can help identify signficant cost savings in your cloud usage.