Announcing New Development Services

Mode2 Announces the Launch of New Development Services to Modernize Legacy Applications.

New AWS partner Mode2 offers consulting and software development services, assists companies using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build new cloud-first applications, modernize legacy applications, and cut their existing AWS costs dramatically by rewriting old software.

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Nov 27, 2017

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Announcing New Development Services

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Mode2, a highly specialized cloud development agency announced the launch of new consulting and development services focused exclusively on building new born in the cloud applications, and migrating legacy and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Simon Plant Mode2’s founder and CEO has been a leader in helping clients embrace cloud computing for 11 years including AWS Professional Services, RightScale and DualSpark, a specialist DevOps consultancy acquired by Datapipe in 2015.

Companies have migrated large numbers of existing application and workloads onto the public cloud, shutting down datacenters and automating with infrastructure-as-code. The majority of workloads on the cloud retained their original software architectures as part of the migration. Mode2 believes that even more value is available from public Cloud by modernizing application architectures and codebases. The benefits are significant - removing infrastructure task burdens, saving time not maintaining a custom application stacks; We can stop paying for idle resources, and align our I.T costs directly with business transactions. Lastly, developer agility is improved from leaner processes, freeing more time for experimentation and releasing new code.

“We’re huge fans of building highly distributed systems that use AWS’s platform and cloud native services” said Simon Plant, Mode2’s CEO. “The majority of AWS partners today are staffed with infrastructure skills and aren’t embracing the disruption that Serverless and AI brings. Mode2 offers a new approach, focused exclusively on building cloud native software and shedding legacy burdens. Our services are available either through coaching & training, pair-programming joint development, or Mode2’s cost-effective remote U.S. delivery centers.”

“AWS has matured the serverless technologies significantly in the last two years. AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, AWS IoT are now at the point where they are viable to build websites, application back-ends, data processing, and have become the defacto standard for new born in the cloud workloads. There’s less to manage, you’re more focused on the code you’re writing and the user experience you’re exploring. That’s an important step forward for I.T productivity.”

About Mode2 ( is a cloud consulting and services partner that helps US-based companies to extract the maximum value from cloud native computing and digital transformation. Our mission is to provide expert advice and cloud services that produce outstanding results for our clients in their cloud adoption journey. Mode2 is an Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services, and a Google Cloud Consulting Partner. Our HQ is in Los Angeles, CA.