Creative force

We are Mode2, a Serverless and born in the cloud consulting and software development partner. We transform how companies build applications for AWS and modernize their legacy software architectures.

Our Leadership Team

Simon Plant, is Mode2's CEO and founder.

Krystle Khoo leads our commercial relationships clients, and manages our cloud partner alliances.

Jon Gallagher is a GCP and AWS authorized trainer with 7 certifications including Google Pro Architect and AWS Pro Architect & DevOps Pro.

Claire Simpson leads the Creative practice, and is responsible for all branding, design, and user experience.

Josh Binnie is Mode2's Talent leader, and is responsible for hiring and developing our highly prized team.

We have a number of open vacancies, come and join us!

Mode2 Locations

We are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and support AWS clients across the western and central regions. We operate Software Delivery Centers across the U.S, staffed with citizens and permanent resident developers.

Mode2 HQ
Los Angeles, CA 90401
+1 (800) 891-3132
Our Locations
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR