Serverless Insurance Policies

MOE partnered with Mode2 to design and build a customer service portal for insurance policies, with serverless backend services.

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Mutual of Enumclaw


Serverless Insurance Policies


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Mutual of Enumclaw

About Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw (“MOE”) is a mutual insurance company founded in 1898 in the small town of Enumclaw, Washington. Since renaming in 1966, the company has offered a full range of home, auto, farm, and business insurances to policyholders across six states in the north-west states of the U.S. MOE is rated highly for its client satisfaction with fast and efficient claims processing services and, for the seventh year in a row, has been recognized as one of “Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For”.

The Challenge

The insurance industry is facing new challenges from venture capital-funded startups and competitors that take advantage of cloud technologies to improve their business models and customer experiences. As part of their digital transformation program and to differentiate themselves, MOE needed to modernize their core for customer interactions with a new online policy service, which is used by both their selling agents and customers. MOE wanted to be able to develop a solution in-house without being burdened by infrastructure and operational responsibilities once the service went live.

Mutual of Enumclaw


The Solution

MOE evaluated a range of solutions including COTS packages, SaaS solutions, and custom built software. However, as these options required expensive implementation and operating costs, MOE partnered with Mode2 to build their policy service portal with serverless backend services.

A working team was assembled with the best developers in the company and Mode2’s serverless experts. A new working environment was established for this team separate from their usual responsibilities, distractions, and company policies that might otherwise encumber innovative thinking. Mode2 delivered a hands-on training program to build skills and familiarity in the technologies to be used for the project, and conducted several workshops to design a fully serverless solution built on AWS. Mode2 created the framework code for the front and backend services, and provided coaching for the MOE developers building application features and interfacing with data in other systems.

The solution will replace MOE’s mainframe system as the data integration broker for policy data, as the cloud services consume external and internal data directly. The serverless policy services was built with an Angular portal talking to API Gateway, Lambda functions, GraphQL data APIs powered by AWS AppSync, and DynamoDB policy data stores.

For optimal performance and billing, AWS X-Ray and Epsagon were implemented for distributed monitoring and performance tracing, which deliver deep insights for troubleshooting in distributed serverless systems. These traces enabled MOE developers to optimize the performance and execution time of individual Lambda functions when waiting for calls to complete across their other services.

The Results

MOE’s developers learned new programming models, created a working prototype, and iterated on the designs. In less than six months, the team of six developers successfully created the serverless portal and backend services. The solution transformed the team’s operational responsibilities by creating a leaner operating model and enabling the developers to focus on SRE activities and continued feature innovation.

With such high confidence in the development team’s new capabilities and after a demo of the serverless policy center solution, MOE’s executive management cancelled a multi-million investment in a COTS package license and its implementation services. MOE are now making strides in reinventing their digital business infrastructure and creating new value for its policyholders.

About Mode2 and AWS

Mode2 is an AWS Advanced Consulting partner in the United States. We help companies to adopt AWS cloud technologies, to accelerate time to market for new software projects, and to complete cloud migration projects. Using AWS technologies and services, we coach our clients in building and optimizing cloud-native workloads, automating deployments, and preparing for cloud operations to gain maximum business value from the cloud.

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