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There aren’t enough good cloud engineers with experience available now for project work. With the broad adoption of Cloud services, Cloud engineering skills are in high demand.

As a cloud Talent partner, TeamNow supplies great devops engineers, software architects and serverless developers, with deep skills to help assure successful project delivery.




Talent Management


Creating a Community for Cloud Jobs

TeamNow find and engage thoroughly screened and well trained talent, ready to hit the ground running for cloud projects. Access to the right skills at the right time, to maintain velocity and stay on track to deliver, is crucial.

TeamNow needed a job board solution that:\

  • Displays a list of active cloud job vacancies.
  • Displays a detailed description about a job.
  • Candidates can apply for a job, share contact details and resume.
  • Adds the new candidate to the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Always available for visitors, highly responsive.
  • Low cost to operate, support and maintain.

Developing the Job Board using AWS Serverless

Mode2 provides a full range of services to TeamNow, including branding, web and interface design and front-end developer services, combined with developing the code required to implement the backend services and functions. The architecture below is a sanitized version of the serverless Job Board architecture, captured in the diagram below.

Reference Architecture: Serverless Job Board

Example: The Candidates Service is implemented using the following components:

  • HTML pages hosted in S3 and using CloudFront SSL.
  • API Gateway to implement the REST API’s.
  • Lambda Node.js functions for application logic.
  • DynamoDB for storing data and emitting event streams.
  • SNS topics notify users with emails and SMS messages.

Mode2’s expert team of onshore developers based on the U.S. West Coast were able to build the job board application well within the expected development schedule, and was able to continue iterate and add additional features in the time window.

“Having the functionality of serverless is important for TeamNow, and building an application to be fast and flexible was the goal” notes Josh Binnie, TeamNow’s CEO.

“Mode2 did a great job in understanding our wider objectives and made themselves an essential part of our business.”


Easy Outsourced Cloud Applications

Most businesses want to harness the value of a cloud solution, but don’t have the skills or the time to build and maintain that software. We (TeamNow) wanted a services relationship with an cloud partner who could evolve the application’s capabilities over time, and pay a single invoice for the entire cloud application.

TeamNow selected Mode2’s all-inclusive Cloud Application Maintenance service to monitor the serverless deployments and ensure everything is running smoothly, troubleshoot support issues and ensure costs are optimized at the application software level. As a Managed Cloud Application customer, TeamNow has developer time available every month to work on evolving the platform - feature requests, enhancements and backlog items are all included in the subscription.

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