Modernizing with ElasticSearch

Cambia HealthSparq modernizes search across providers with AWS ElasticSearch.

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HealthSparq Inc.


Modernizing with ElasticSearch



HealthSparq Inc.

About HealthSparq

HealthSparq Inc. (“HSQ”) helps people make smarter health care choices by partnering with health plans to provide members with cost and quality information about doctors, hospitals, and medical services, based on their individual benefits. Founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, HSQ proudly serves over 100 health plan brands nationwide.

The Challenge

Search is a core capability of HealthSparq’s platform, which is used by more than a hundred health plan brands, to power queries about healthcare providers. The platform’s applications were architected with Solr clusters and had frequent outages, making it expensive to operate and difficult to maintain reliable uptime. HSQ needed a partner who was experienced in migrating to a managed AWS ElasticSearch service and optimizing the deployment.

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The Solution

To address reliability issues and avoid SLA penalties, Mode2 helped HSQ to move from custom Solr clusters to EC2 instances and to use AWS ElasticSearch as a managed service for their applications. The solution required continuously building and deploying versions of the search catalog privately for each of HSQ’s clients, with updates triggered by incoming client data stored in S3 buckets. Each of the search catalog indexes were built in parallel using spot instances

Mode2 provided ElasticSearch subject matter experts to work with and mentor HSQ’s engineering team. We helped with recommendations on architecture, deployment designs, sizing, performance tuning, and cost optimization of the ElasticSearch clusters.

The Results

The project team successfully migrated the applications and infrastructure from the Solr cluster to AWS ElasticSearch, including the data pipelines to populate their search catalogs. As a result of decommissioning the Solr clusters across multiple environments.

The migration improved overall service reliability. The continuous uptime of the AWS ElasticSearch service enabled the team to operate without service performance issues and avoid further SLA penalties.

About Mode2 and AWS

Mode2 is an AWS Advanced Consulting partner in the United States. We help companies to adopt AWS cloud technologies, to accelerate time to market for new software projects, and to complete cloud migration projects. Using AWS technologies and services, we coach our clients in building and optimizing cloud-native workloads, automating deployments, and preparing for cloud operations to gain maximum business value from the cloud.

Next Steps

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