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Showcasing some simple website use cases for Serverless, and drinking our own Champagne.


Mode2 Public Website



Mode2 Public Website

Automated Website Visitor Interactions

Mode2’s public website has regular visitors who are researching Serverless solutions and learning about Mode2’s offerings as a consulting and developer partner. These visitors can be potential clients seeking help with projects, great talent exploring working on serverless, or Amazon’s partner sales team.

We wanted to build a website that was a showcase for building serverless web apps, using AWS technologies. The website should offer something to help each of these groups.

Mode2 needed a website that automated the majority of our initial visitor dialogs, such as:

  • Contact form, Send us a Message.
  • Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation.
  • View open job vacancies, and apply for a job.
  • Refer a new project opportunity.
  • Manage subscriptions to a mailing list service.

Developing the website dialogs using AWS Serverless

The website automation solution is comprised of four pieces:

  1. AWS Cloud9 development tooling
  2. A website hosted on S3 and CloudFront.
  3. A number of Lambda-based functions linked to web interactions.
  4. Interfacing new Contacts and Referrals into our

Reference Architecture: Web Visitor Automation

Example: The Contacts Service is implemented using the following components:

  • HTML pages hosted in S3 and using CloudFront SSL.
  • API Gateway to implement the REST API’s.
  • Lambda Node.js functions for application logic.
  • DynamoDB for storing data and emitting event streams.
  • A Lambda Node.js function to post data to Mailchimp and SalesForce REST API’s.

Mode2’s developers were able to build the website automation components well within the expected development schedule.

“AWS serverless is nothing short of a game changer. We’re able to be incredibly productive in prototyping new solutions.” said Simon Plant, CEO at Mode2.

“Lambda and Serverless enables our team be be constantly delivering with high velocity, and there’s so much less to manage. The best part? It’s all integrated, and it just works.”


The Benefits

Mode2 loves everything AWS, and so do our clients. We’re builders and we love to assemble solutions using cloud services. The main benefits we received from using AWS to implement the solution are:

  1. Quick to develop, we jumped straight into creating the functionality we needed.
  2. Deep cross-integration between Amazon Web Services provides a developer platform that just works.
  3. Super-low cost to operate, our website costs approximately $20 per month right now.
  4. Provide a great user experience through our public web presence, rich functionality without the hassle of scaling and managing infrastructure..

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