HealthSparq Deployment Modernization

Deployment modernization with operational cost and time savings for healthcare provider Cambia HealthSparq.

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Deployment Modernization




About HealthSparq

HealthSparq Inc. (“HSQ”) helps people make smarter health care choices by partnering with health plans to provide members with cost and quality information about doctors, hospitals, and medical services, based on their individual benefits. Founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, HSQ proudly serves over 100 health plan brands nationwide.

The Challenge

HealthSparq had previously deployed workloads on dedicated EC2 instances to meet security and HIPAA compliance requirements as a healthcare provider. This approach was expensive to operate and no longer required for certain workloads and environments. Additionally, the workloads were deployed on older and less efficient instance types. With limited people resources and time, HSQ also needed a partner to move their services onto their CI/CD Janus platform for leaner IT operations and to lower operating costs.



The Solution

Mode2 migrated HSQ’s services from dedicated instances to shared EC2 instances and migrated the CloudFormation-based build and deployment processes to containers on the Janus platform. This approach instantly realized operational cost savings with little impact to the workloads. HSQ’s developer team can now easily deploy workloads on Amazon ECS and EKS.

Mode2 used Python to build command-line tools to scan instances, create inventories of software and configuration files, and tag instances to track for the transition. The scripts we created used the information collected in the scans to generate CloudFormation stacks to recreate the services under new policies. The scan also generated a spend report with best practice recommendations to realize additional savings.

After creating the inventories, Mode2 used HSQ’s technical playbooks and tooling to migrate workloads to container-based deployments. This solution now allows HSQ to continually improve on their deployment configurations, moving them towards their goal of fully automating deployments on Amazon ECS under the Janus platform for simpler management and maintenance.

The Results

HSQ benefited from:

  • Reduced costs by switching from dedicated to shared instances on EC2 (11% premium)
  • Better performance-to-cost ratios from modernizing to newer instance family types
  • A 10% cost reduction from rightsizing instances based on resource usage observed over time
  • Lower storage costs of over-provisioned EBS volumes
  • Less time needed for system operations and maintenance
  • Better workload density and improved reliability from containerized workloads

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