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Getting a group to make a decision and commit to a shared event can be a challenge. Gaining agreement on the different options, cost budgets, who is participating and collecting payments... all while remaining friends. Dime-in is a new group payments application that removes the stress and risk for event organizers and helps more events progress to realization, available soon for everyone.





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Organizing fun events with friends, right from your smartphone

Dime-in enables organizers to setup events, invite attendees, set deadlines, collect payments and engage a group in a single social environment, leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy the event.

Mode2 delivered:

  • A development partnership to launch and evolve the application.
  • A solution that is quick to develop, speed to market is key.
  • Secure payment processing, handling sensitive information.
  • A low-cost solution to operate, and scales with increases in demand.
  • Outsourced operations and maintenance for founders busy runnning the company.


The Dime-in application was initially prototyped as a web application, to ensure we got to visible results with the fastest possible velocity. Mode2 created a sophisticated multi-layered architecture supporting both mobile and web application clients through the same set of backend AWS Serverless services. The initial versions of the design are provided in the conceptual architecture below.

The application is architected through a number of layers, which perform different roles in the solution:

Layer Purpose Technology
Client interface Contains the presentation and service interaction logic HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript. React Native mobile client.
The API layer A REST implementation of the resources and the http methods are defined. AWS API Gateway
Composites layer Workflow and state management across individual service calls. AWS Step Functions
Web Services and Functions Manages data for resources and provides functional capabilities. AWS Lambda Functions, DynamoDB NoSQL, SNS, SES, Mobile Hub, App Sync.

We are able to quickly implement the required functionality, and have a simple, explicit set of Functions and data services to manage for each Microservice.

"We are building a new group event app, so speed and time to market is critical for us. We needed a partner who could produce results in weeks." said Tom Beckett, co-founder of Dime-in. "Mode2 were able to guide us through key decisions, get us headed in the right direction from the start, and their experienced team showed us what was really possible."

The Benefits

Tom says he sees four main benefits of working with Mode2:

  1. Experts: Mode2 really knew how to do this, they were able to take our concepts, experiments and prototypes - and ensure that our vision and the value we bring makes it into the mobile application.
  2. Accessible: Mode2 makes it possible to harness this amazing set of services from Amazon without us being able to code - it couldn't be simpler for us to use this powerful technology, and launch the application and let users to try it out.
  3. Frugal: Serverless allowed us to start small and simply, focus on our MVP with a small budget. As the numbers of people using the service increased, that's when our bill kicked-in from the free tier, but we don't mind because we're helping organizers run their events, and we're making our fees at that point.
  4. Simple: A single monthly payment that combines AWS billing with Mode2's monthly services to develop and manage the application.

We enjoy working with the team at Mode2, and we're excited to see how we can continue to improve the app and find more value for Dime-in's users.

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